The farm

The farm


Småland is a part of Sweden with mostly farms of smaller size, a varied landscape of pastures, forests and lakes. But also very many stones which both hampered agriculture and contributed to the landscape character. Here are the peasants who both are forced to and want to interact with Mother Earth.

The farm's organic production is focused on beef cattle and forest, and in view of our business is a concern to keep the landscape open and attractive.


There are great opportunities to find your own favorite spot, there's plenty of room in our beautiful countryside. The Swedish right of public access provides unique opportunities to get close to nature and perhaps see the wild animals, or at least their tracks.

If you absolutely have to see elk, a tip is to visit the moose park at Hagens camping, Vrigstad 15 km from here.

Take care of nature

You rely on the Right of Public Access whenever you go out in the Swedish countryside – whether it is to take a walk, go kayaking, climb a mountain or just sit down on a rock to think.


The Right of Public Access is a unique institution. It gives us all the freedom to roam the countryside. But we must also take care of nature and wildlife, and we must show consideration for landowners and for other people enjoying the countryside. In other words:


Don’t disturb – don’t destroy!

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