To get out on the lake and get to spend time on the favorite hobby - fishing, is for many a dream. It can become a reality!

Our fishing grounds are in the lake Ärnanässjön, wich is a lake at the size 1.5 sq km, source of water for the community Stockaryd. Thus a lake with good water quality.

The species represented are primarily predators pike and perch, but there is also the opportunity to try fishing for crayfish in August.

Out to the lake

The farm is located at the shore of Ärnanässjön, where we have waters. The lake is 1.5 square kilometers, 13m deep at its deepest point.

In the summer you can swim in the lake at our very own beach, and we have a rowing boat so that you can get out and go fishing if you would feel like it. At the stand edge is a small grass strip with a barbecue and an old boathouse.

In Ärnanässjön you can fish for pike, roach ...

In early August, we fish for crayfish. We have a little celebration when the crayfish are caught, everyone helps. In late warm summer evenings a piece of fish is placed in each cage as bait. Then the cages are lowered into the lake. The next morning we get up early and go down to the lake while it is still shrouded by the mists. We row out and pull up the cages, one by one. There is a question, the number of crawfish in the next cage? Will they crawl out of the tub? Sure it's better this year than last year?




Sävsjö kommun


Area 1,5 sq km

maximum depth 13 m


Fishing license (ex. 40 SKr/week)


Outdoor place for fish cleaning

Garden furniture and barbecue



Information about the fishing

Leif & Carina Henriksson, Björnskog Västergård 1, 576 92 Sävsjö, Sweden Tel. +46(0)704563947


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